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Meet our Customer Qmovement - A Dance & Fitness Studio in the Cayman Islands

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Meet Qmovement in the Cayman Islands, who is a proud Dotbooker customer. Quinntessential Movement is a unique studio in the Cayman Islands. They specialize in Pole & Aerial Fitness offer a wide range of classes to help you get Fit while having Fun!

This is not your typical everyday gym but rather a private, modern, inviting, and supportive atmosphere that provides an environment for growth, confidence, and accomplishments.

With the diversity of classes offered, the studio caters to many interests, fitness levels, and abilities while at the same time acts as a social and entertainment forum for people with diverse interests, backgrounds, and ages.

The Quinntessential Movement was born out of a passion for movement, dance, fitness, and health.

Using a play on words, the meaning of "Quintessential...the most perfect embodiment of something...resonated with supporting everyone's own journey of what is "perfect" or what "feels good" for them. Give Qmovement a try today book your first class with them at

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