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You have the power with Dotbooker

Our Mission

Dotbooker's mission is to utilize technology to empower businesses to provide better service and focus on their growth while providing the world with access to the things they want to do at their fingertips. 


Dotbooker is a technology company with a single mission: to create a centralized and easy-to-use ecosystem for our clients and their customers to fuel efficiency and growth worldwide.

Dotbooker's software is transforming the business world and linking thousands of passionate health, wellness & beauty businesses and customers worldwide.


Our Purpose

Dotbooker emerged from the simple idea that any business owner deserves to get their business online easily & cost-effectively. 


Dotbooker's core values are as follows: 

  • ​Committed to Accessibility

  • Online is the way to go

  • Support & Service is the key

  • Knowledge & Training are essential

  • Change is must

Our Story

Dotbooker was started by Jay Mehta, one of the top digital marketing experts in the Caribbean. Jay's extensive experience working with businesses and technology brought this new idea to us. As soon as he came up with the new idea and presented it to businesses, several businesses jumped and joined the band wagon. 

​Dotbooker started as a fitness and gym application, but it has now turned into a complete online booking and reservation system that has transformed several health, beauty & wellness businesses worldwide by taking them online and providing them with the right tools they need to grow their business.

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