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2 June 2022 at 2:30:00 am

Dotbooker has recently launched a funnel feature where you can showcase pre-recorded videos for your business. These videos can be used in your business app and social media sites. You can use pre-recorded video packages that are available in a few taps, so people can instantly access them. This feature is economical and easy to use even when you are targeting international audiences.

Faint Glow
Manage your group and share the package

2 February 2022 at 6:30:00 pm

Why not the whole family take advantage of one gym membership?

This booming yet extremely advantageous feature will let your clients share their membership with their family and friends. On top of that, features like checking the membership status, reports, and viewing the credit hours of membership and history are also some of the benefits that users may enjoy.

Faint Glow
A new way to manage credit amount

2 January 2022 at 6:30:00 pm

As per this new feature, now admin can design their wellness, salon, spa, or other membership packages with decimal value credit (multiplication of 0.5 only) like 0.5, 1.5, etc., which was limited to whole numbers 1,2, 4, 6 credits.

Moreover, now the admin can offer special packages to the clients where the clients can opt for 30 mins to 60 mins & more class limit as per the credits they have.

Faint Glow
Feature updated: Cancel the class.

12 December 2021 at 6:30:00 pm

Now, if the administrator cancels any class, the system will ask the reason, which is mandatory. Users who booked that class will be notified, and their credit will be reverted automatically.

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Set your recurring classes from the calendar.

26 December 2021 at 6:30:00 pm

Do you want the simplest way to schedule a recurring class? Yes, now it is possible in Dotbooker. From the calendar screen, you can schedule a recurring class. You can set the date range and instructor as well.

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Updated client report

14 November 2021 at 6:30:00 pm

Now you can identify your new customers quickly. Your customer report is updated. Now you can use the date filter and check your client base. Managing your sales target is so easy now.

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User permission role update

19 October 2021 at 10:00:00 am

We rolled out one minor but required update based on user permission. Earlier, if any instructor has given specific permission except dashboard, system was sent error to the instructor account, and they cannot do anything except login.
Now, based on the given permission, the instructor can be redirected to the required pages directly.

Faint Glow
Calendar update

29 October 2021 at 7:00:00 am

One update is released to the admin side calendar. From the admin side calendar, you can quickly identify the name of the client who booked your class with the reserved package name.
To get further details, you can always click on the class name.

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