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Reservation System for Every Business Type


A cloud-based fitness, salon, spa & wellness business management solution that allows business to automate their major tasks and helps them grow their business. 

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Dotbooker - Most flexible reservation system ever

How it Works?

Everything your business needs in one platform


Manage Membership

Process Payments

Increase Productivity

Leave an impression on visitors with our next-generation, exhaustive, and secured reservation system.

Why Dotbooker ?

  • Simplifying your operations frees time to focus on growing your business and opening new locations.

  • Transform your business with unmatched efficiency, comprehensive management solutions, and smooth scheduling all of which will accelerate your success.

  • Dotbooker: The ultimate tool for streamlining operations, enhancing customer engagement, and driving growth with unmatched efficiency.


Set it up once, and you're good to go. Simplifies appointment scheduling and business management.

Effortless scheduling and operational control are at your fingertips using its straightforward design. Enjoy efficient booking and hassle-free navigation to meet cutting-edge to enhance your business operations.

Membership Management

Boost your membership experience by keeping your members connected and satisfied.

Easily create, customize, and track membership plans, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your members.

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Quick Payment

Elevate your payment process by offering unparalleled convenience to accelerate your transaction process.

Enjoy seamless integration of rapid, hassle-free transactions and secure payment options that simplify billing and foster trust with your clients. 


Elevate Your Operations with Effortless Integration, Rapid Transactions, and Intuitive Control.

Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, FVirtual Classes, Personal Training, Aerobics & More..

"Transform your salon's scheduling and client management, elevating every appointment to an art form."

Empowering Cross-Industry To Provide Custom-Fit Solutions

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Boost gym operations with efficient scheduling and management.



Elevate salon scheduling and client management to perfection.

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Streamline spa bookings for a serene management experience.

Industries we serve

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Why companies love Dotbooker?

Dotbooker made my business extremely efficient

Dotbooker helped my business smooth down the front desk operations and simultaneously made everything more organized and punctual.

This is definitely creating a positive impact


David Walker
Owner at Ryde Cayman

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